The blog.
Crescent in the Pines is a sister blog of home and hearth to the adventures of Dharma Anchor. Presented by the same photographer and writer, Crescent in the Pines is a sort of respite, a place of shelter and comfort to pair with the travel and adventures of the open road. This is a place to be more calm by comparison to the constant go of adventuring and searching philosophy. Here you will find the welcome mat always out, ideas always being shared for the home and garden. Here are recipes and a green thumb, ideas from more traditional ways of living. Here are the writings from home.

The author.
Will answer to her first name if she knows you but goes by her middle name, Claudette.
Firmly believes that tomatoes are the finest thing a person can raise in their little plot of dirt with okra and peppers tied for a close second.
Thinks basil is the greatest herb of all the herbs. Also sage. And dill. And lavender. But mostly basil.
Is a proud hillbilly with roots stretching back from the Arkansas Ozarks back into the deep South and the coal mining regions of the upper South, roots and blood that courses heavily into her everyday no matter where her nomadic ways take her.
Through her nomadic ways and many homes carries a little mid-Texas tough, Mississippi Delta heart, Memphis soul, and New Orleans mojo in her back pocket card deck. Frequently a little of each of those places will be reflected here from her Oklahoma home.
Will add some form of heat or spice to nearly any dish if you don’t stop her.
Would starve if the world suddenly ran out of pasta. Seriously.
Proper, always has sweet tea in the fridge.
Prefers whiskey neat, a full bodied wine, or a good beer to fruity drinks and rarely drinks anything mixed other than her much loved bloody mary’s.
Loves home and loves adventure and must have balance of both at all times.

The need to know.
Posting my photos on Pinterest, Tumblr, or similar photo and recipe sharing sites is perfectly fine as long as the photo links back to the original post here, photos are left as published here, and the watermark remains intact. Recipes and photos may be used in recipe “round up” style posts, again as long as there is a link back to the original post and appropriate credit is given, especially if they are adapted by me from elsewhere. All content is copyright V.C. Torneden and may not be used without written permission. If you are unsure whether your intended use of content here would violate copyright or for commercial usage release, contact me at crescentinthepines (at) gmail (dot) com

Crescent’s sister photography & travel blog, Dharma Anchor.
A little shop of vintage.


  1. Hi there, very happy to have stumbled across your lovely blog this evening. Your photographs are beautiful and your writing has such a relaxing, gentle rhythm to it. I enjoyed this little window into your world, although I must confess that I am jealous of your wonderful vegetable garden! Best wishes, Chez

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