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“It’s deep in the race for a man to want his own roof and walls and fireplace.” – George Bailey Sr .

Once upon a time, not quite a century ago, there was a cabin built in central Oklahoma on a small farm. The house was happy and well-loved for many decades, until the capital city outgrow its borders and all the neighboring communities and towns swelled with the weight of growth. One day, the farm land around the little house began to change as it was split and crushed under imminent domain for the expansion of the interstate. Soon big companies with big money came and began buying the remaining land around the little house and its little farm. And then the little house’s last family member, its last holdout, passed away and the sad little house was left alone with the big businesses and their big money.

But another family had seen the little house and loved it very much so they bought a piece of land much farther away from the big businesses and they moved the little house to its new land and even added a new section to the little house so that it could be a big house for a big family. Almost two decades later that family chose another young family who love history, who love the house, and who love the land it was moved to and sold it to them. And now, sixteen years after the little house was slated for demolishing, it is in the hands of third loving family and stronger than ever, everyday adding to its own unique little story.

Not quite two years ago, I started a blog with limited focus. I sort of knew what I wanted to do so by limited, I mean anything I photograph was the limit and by focus I mean basically none. After less than a year it became abundantly clear that too many areas of interest don’t work well in this format. Thus, increasingly frustrated with how to mesh everything together, I finally stopped trying and converted the other blog to travel and photography only, a repository of adventures, and the idea for a sister blog of home and hearth, this blog, was born in the aftermath. As we settle into our new home, it seems like the ideal time to launch this blog, a place of shelter and comfort to pair with the travel and adventures of the open road.

Here you will find the welcome mat always out at the little cabin from central Oklahoma, ideas always being shared for the home and garden with preservation and tradition sewn throughout as we write the everyday letter by letter of our story, always remembering where we come from and the past that made us.

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